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If you experience any problems, please let us know by emailing us at, include your operating system, the SpinDrops version, what you were doing when the problem appeared, and any other information you can think of that will help us reproduce the problem.

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Android Notes
iOS Notes
macOS Notes
Linux Notes
in-Browser Notes
MSWindows Notes

SpinDrops version numbers attempt to adhere to so-called Semantic Versioning. Information about SpinDrops on specific platforms can be found below.

The ChangeLog has a history of updates and bug fixes.

Other Documentation

File Description
Tutorial for the 1.2.2 version of SpinDrops for iOS.
PhaseCyclingTutorial_Wengert.pdf Phase Cycling Tutorial using SpinDrops by Simon Wengert

Android Notes

Requires at least IceCreamSandwich a.k.a Android 4.0 with GLES2.0, a.k.a Android API 14.

When first run, SpinDrops will request access to your device’s internal “SD card storage” for saving preferences and your custom pulse sequences.

Some devices with MALI GPUs have been observed to not be able to draw DROPS. We’re trying to fix that.

Due to the enormous variety of Android phones it is impossible for us to test every possible handset(!) If you experience problems, please let us know:

  • what model device you have,
  • what version of the Android OS is installed on your phone, and
  • a description the problem and what you were doing when it happened.


iOS Notes

Version 1.2.2 of SpinDrops does not run on iOS 11.

macOS Notes

There are two ways to install SpinDrops on macOS, the easiest by far is simply to install it from the Apple App store.

When installing from the .dmg, there is a SpinDrops binary, the Ieval program, and a link to your Mac’s Applications folder. To install SpinDrops, open the .dmg and simply drag the SpinDrops icon into the Applications folder. The SpinDrops application binary is not cryptographically signed, so the first time it is run, macOS may not allow it to run. In order to bypass Apple’s anti-trojan protection, Right-click the SpinDrops icon and select Open from the menu.

Linux Notes

There is an RPM and a .tar.gz built for and on CentOS7 / RedHat 7. They may work on other Linux distributions that use the RPM package manager. On Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu, either untar the .tar.gz directly (perhaps under /opt), or use an RPM adapter such as alien to install the .rpm.

When installing using the .rpm, the SpinDrops binary executable will be by default installed as /opt/SpinDrops/SpinDrops .

in-Browser Notes

Your browser must support WebGL. We strongly recommend using Firefox, which seems to have the best WebGL support of any browser. Safari is known to have problems with WebGL, and Chrome has been observed to be somewhat slower than Firefox.

The web version of SpinDrops saves its state (your edited sequences, local preferences, etc…) in your web browser’s local storage. Because of this, private browsing mode on some browsers may prevent SpinDrops from working. Also, sometimes this state can become corrupted. To force a reset of the preferences to a known state, simply add &--reset to the end of the url, such as here: Click here to reset SpinDrops-web Preferences..

If resetting the preferences doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cache and reloading. SpinDrops stores its preferences and User Sequences locally in your browser’s IndexedDB, so if the RESET link above and clearing the cache don’t work, try also clearing your browser’s local “IndexedDB” (Warning: this will delete any custom pulse sequences you had saved within the web app.)

MSWindows Notes

Older versions of Microsoft Windows may be missing dlls necessary for running SpinDrops. The required dlls are part of the OS (since 2015), and are also installed with updates, but may be missing from older Windows versions. They are available from Microsoft as a free download, and you can find them by googling “Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015” :

Please contact us if you have any problems using SpinDrops on Windows, and we’ll do our best to resolve any issues.