Web Version



SpinDrops-Web requires a browser that supports WebGL 1.0, you can verify your browser’s WebGL support here: http://webglreport.com

The SpinDrops-web preference settings can be reset by clicking here. (this link will open a new browser tab)..

You can also remove all settings and saved sequences by clearing the “website data” from your browser for the web.spindrops.org website – the procedure for this varies from browser to browser, we recommend googleing the correct procedure for your browser:

Saving Changes

Browser-based applications are sandboxed in the browser, making it impossible for the app to access files on your computer. This is to prevent malicious websites from accessing or corrupting your data, however it also prevents SpinDrops-web from storing changes to sequences, pulses, and the application preferences on your filesystem. Instead, SpinDrops-web uses the browsers per-website local storage area called the IndexedDB to store your changes and new sequences and workspaces. Using File –> Export Project… you can save the entire workspace state as a file on your local machine.

Differences to Binary SpinDrops

There are a few differences between SpinDrops-web and the desktop/mobile applications:

  • Preferences and Sequences are saved less often, and may not be saved at all if SpinDrops’ window or tab is closed without warning.

  • Multi-finger gestures do not work, except whatever might map to a scroll-wheel on a particular OS + Browser combination.

  • ctrl-w does not close the currently open window within SpinDrops, rather it probably closes your browser tab. Beware!

  • Graphics aren’t multi-sampled, so images look jagged compared to the iOS, Android, and desktop SpinDrops.

  • The simulation is running in a JavaScript engine, so it will be somewhat slower than the native binary applications.